What is ixo?

The Internet of Impact

ixo is an open-source project building the Internet of Impact with high-definition data protocols and Web 3.0 technology innovations.

Watch this 3-minute video to see the ixo vision.
ixo Protocol networks are blockchain-based webs of trust through which to deliver, verify and invest in impacts. This is foundational digital infrastructure for the impact economy.
Users create verifiable claims to capture a tamper-proof digital record of the state of the world (about any imaginable subject). Claims are evaluated by independent trusted verification services (which ixo describes as Prediction Oracles).
Verified claims with their crypto-economic proofs and data assets are tokenised. For instance a Carbon Emission Reduction claim can produce a verified, information-rich Carbon Credit token.
Tokenised Impact makes the results of development processes more precisely measurable and valuable. Tokens can be traded and used in decentralised development finance mechanisms, such as Alphabonds.

ixo is a technology for all people.

  • If you feel inspired to learn more, you have come to the right place.
  • If you want to do more, join the ixo community.
  • If you are ready to make an impact, form your own impact cell and launch projects. Or join a cell and help implement, evaluate or invest in its projects.
  • If you want to build software or data solutions on the Internet of Impact, visit the ixo Developers Portal.
  • If you want to become a Relayer so that your organisation can offer channels to the market in your sector or geographic region, get in touch with the ixo.world team.