Explorer (Block-sync)

Block Sync

The block sync requires the block sync app and db, The ixo-cosmos blockchain and the blockchain rest interface also runs on this vm.

Installing the Block Sync

These services are built using docker-compose - except for ixo-cosmos (see above)
checkout the docker compose file from github: https://github.com/ixofoundation/ixo-block-sync

Running block-sync

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.prod.yml up -d


The docker compose files contain environmental variables used by the relevant containers:

Block Sync

The port that the block sync will listen on e.g. 8080, but will need to be mapped to port 80
This must point to the IP and port of the ixo-cosmos service e.g.
This must point to the IP and port of the ixo rest service using the relevant protocol http/https e.g.
The mongo container should be left as is on the same vm
Space separated list of NODEDIDs. For Projects and claims included in the blockchain, only those with the listed NODEDIDs will be included in the block_sync for listing.

ixo Rest Service

The location of the JSON RPC endpoint for the ixo smart contracts :
command node
The node argument must be set to the ixo-cosmos ip and port using the tcp protocol e.g.